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Zip Walls: Creating Clean and Socially Distanced Spaces

We get it. Having construction work completed indoors isn't always the best experience. We show up early with our loud tools, wrap up half of your house and if you've ever had drywall work completed, you know the dust is no joke!

That's why we started using Zip Walls.

Zip Walls use plastic sheeting and spring-loaded telescoping poles to create barriers that prevent dust and dirt from escaping the area we're working on. This allows you to live comfortably in the rest of your home, without having it all wrapped up! We can quickly set up our own little construction bubble without causing any damage to your walls or ceilings. When we finish, we simply take it down and the rest of your house remains untouched.

Prior to Covid-19, we used these temporary walls mostly to maintain the cleanliness and to make indoor construction more comfortable for our clients. However, as is with most small businesses this year, we've been continuously brainstorming ways to implement new procedures to protect both your family and ours.

With this in mind, Zip Walls have taken on a whole new meaning for us.

More so than just protecting your home from dust and dirt, we are able to create a separated workspace, one that protects you and allows us to work while maintaining social distance.

These walls have been used in hospitals, offices, and schools this year to create separation and we've followed suite.

So, if you're needing some interior remodeling completed and want to avoid the mess and the stress of having people in and out of your home, give us a call!

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