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Storm Damage - Next Steps to Take

With Tropical Storm Nicole expected to bring strong winds and heavy rain to Northeast Georgia soon, we want to help make sure you can easily get the help you need to repair any damages to your home that may occur. Nicole is expected to bring intense wind and heavy rain fall which could cause trees to fall. When trees fall, it can lead to major repairs for not only your roof, but possibly your siding, carport or awning, deck, and much more.

So, what should you do if you find yourself in need of repairs after Nicole passes through?

Here's a few Quick Tips to Follow:

Access and Document the Damage

Even before contacting your insurance provider (or if you don't have insurance, before contacting a contractor) get a picture of every area that has been damaged.

Don't touch or move anything! Take pictures from multiple angles to give a full view of the damage and be sure to back them up somewhere secure.

Below is a list of some areas you should inspect for damage.

Common signs of roof damage include:

· Holes in the roof

· Split Seams

· Missing or broken shingles

· Leaks on your ceiling

· Dents on your gutters, vents or flashing

Other signs of damage to look for include:

· Holes or cracks in windows or door frames

· Damage to paint, siding or bricks

· Damage to decking boards and handrails

· You'll also want to check your exterior appliances to make sure they're functioning as usual

After Documenting - Contact Your Insurance Provider

If you have insurance, you should be able to get compensation if your home or business gets damaged by a storm. You need to document the loss you’ve suffered as a result of the storm thoroughly. Along with photos, document any extra costs that you incur because of the damage.

Don’t forget to keep receipts for any minor repairs you make on your own to prevent further damage. You will need all of this information for your insurance claim. Your homeowner’s insurance provider will instruct you on the next steps to take in making a claim and provide you with a claim number.

If you don't have insurance, contact local contractors near you, and gather multiple estimates to compare price and get a feel for who you would want to work with.

It's important to ensure the company you hire is licensed and insured.

Here at CB Constructs, we have worked with clients who have experienced catastrophic tree damage from storms, and we’re here for you if you need an estimate for any repairs!

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