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It's Raining, It's Pouring... How's Your Roof Holding Up?

Your roof should be the barrier between you and the outside elements. If your roof is leaking enough for you to notice, there may be a serious problem with the integrity of your roof. If you notice that your roof is leaking, it might be tempting to brush it off as a minor issue, especially if it only leaks during very severe storms, but by doing do you're risking major issues down the road.

Don’t Assume Small Leaks Aren’t Serious

If you only notice that your roof leaks during extreme storms with substantial rainfall like what we've been having lately, you may think that it isn’t a problem and that your house is mostly dry, right? The problem with that is when the water gets in, it doesn't get out. This moisture starts slowly rotting away at your roof and even your walls. By the time you start to see major issues and signs of moisture, you may have severe rot in your roof or mold in your drywall.

Water leaks can be deceptive, and you may not even notice that water has filtered into every crevice of your home, from the roof to the floors, and even underneath. There’s also always the risk of water slowly seeping into electrical fixtures, which can cause devastating electrical fires.

If you’ve noticed evidence of water damage, such as bubbling paint, moisture collecting on your windows, mold or wet spots, it may be your roof that’s at fault.

Where Do Leaks Come From?

Roof leaks can occur from any part of the roof structure, and they are not always easy to spot. They may be due to chimney leaks in heavy rain, or due to something else entirely. It may be easy to narrow down the location of the hole if you have water stains on your interior ceiling.

If your signs of water damage aren’t that obvious, then the situation can become much more complicated. That’s why it’s essential to get a professional to repair a roof leak, as they have the experience to identify sources of leaks and fix them correctly to prevent reoccurrence.

Skylights and vents

Skylights and vents are essentially holes that have been cut into your roof. Skylights leaks in heavy rains are common as they provide the perfect path for water to penetrate your home. As skylights age, the waterproof barrier slowly starts to degrade. This is where routine maintenance on skylights and vents comes in to play. You can reduce the chance of a roof leak before it becomes a problem by regularly having your vents and skylights inspected.

Damaged shingles

Shingles form the first barrier between your home and the outside elements. They are exposed to all weather conditions, including intense sun, hail, wind, falling debris, and of course, heavy rain. All of these can damage shingles, which allows water to get into the home. By routinely cleaning your roof and having it inspected for damaged shingles, you can protect your roof and keep it watertight without having to pay for a complete roof replacement.

Who to Contact?

A leaky roof is a serious problem that will just get worse over time. If you suspect your roof is leaking, give CB Constructs a call at 770-255-8696. We are licensed, insured and experienced in all areas of roofing maintenance and repairs.

Don't wait for the damage to grow, let us check it out for you and prevent further damage!

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